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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

So, when I learned makeup, I learned by observing and doing. I worked for a retail cosmetics line that I was – surprise – obsessed with at the time. Hand-applied is what I learned, and what I wanted to perfect. Airbrush was something I was aware of, but it really wasn’t on my radar as something I needed to know how to do. As my skills improved, I got a bit more curious about airbrush and had a friend apply some on me. I wasn’t bowled over, for sure. I thought it looked dry and cakey. I dismissed the thought from my mind.

Sometime later, I kept receiving requests from potential brides about whether I offered airbrush or not. I tried asking them what about airbrush they desired, and sometimes I talked them out of it, and sometimes I didn’t and they likely went elsewhere for their makeup service. Eventually, I decided I was going to learn it rather than dissuade people from it. I researched, observed, read up on it, and bought supplies. I practiced with a few friends and thought, OK – I can do this.

I did a few brides with my new airbrush skills, but I thought that it was time-consuming and that I could get just as good of a finish with traditional makeup applications. I let the airbrush fall to the wayside.

So now I am living in 2022 and the brides are asking about it, and rather than resist, I got curious again. I see beautiful images online of airbrushed makeup, and I thought I would like to give it a go again. I have enrolled in and paid for a one-on-one airbrush class and it’s coming up in February! I gotta say I am pretty excited about it this time around. The instructor I chose has a beautiful portfolio of work and I know I will learn a lot from him. More than that, I am excited to offer airbrush to bridal clients again once and for all!

Once I finish my class I am going to be asking for friends to volunteer their faces for me to practice on, and honestly, I am very much looking forward to it! I can’t wait – and I will update everyone about the experience when it happens!

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