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Airbrush Masterclass - Complete!

Yesterday, I attended my Airbrush Masterclass with instructor/owner Robbie Miller. Let me tell you; this class was worth every penny! It was a lot of fun, full of information, and a nice balance of instructions, demos, and hands-on. The best part was that I attended on Skype, just Robbie and me, so I got to stay home in comfy clothes.

I contacted Robbie last month about his class. I read up on it, stalking his Instagram and other "research" I usually perform when I am interested in something. I am unsure what finally made me bite the bullet, but I reached out to him on his contact form, and we spoke within 24 hours. I paid, and we set a date. Meanwhile, Robbie had my Temptu airbrush starter kit shipped to me in plenty of time to start class.

On the day of class, we met on Skype; Robbie laid out what we'd be discussing, then we did some chit-chat about our backgrounds and what brought me to class. Let me tell you, Robbie's story is incredible and inspirational - especially for anyone just starting in the beauty business. After that, we got right into it. Robbie went over the basics, even starting with color theory, which, even though I have been in makeup for many years, it never hurts to refresh your basics! He talked to me about the history of airbrush makeup, different formulas, the ins and outs of the machine and equipment, and so much more. Seriously - I have ten pages of notes from this class!

After a lunch break, Robbie had me start with some exercises to get the feel of the airbrush, how the distance of the brush is essential for what you're trying to achieve, and layering. This exercise was super beneficial to me and helped drive home things he'd taught me earlier in the class. We also went over cleaning the airbrush, quick changes, and how to deep clean, and I practiced that live, too.

Robbie reviewed men's grooming, tattoo cover, skin prep, and he worked on his beautiful model, Grace. He demoed the techniques he'd been talking about and that I would soon get to try on my own model. First, he did a soft, classic bride look - all 100% done with the airbrush. Talk about talent! I am talking eyeshadow, eyebrows, even eyeliner and lips. I had never seen this performed before, and it was mesmerizing to watch. After the bridal makeup look, he went fuller glam. It was gorgeous and so quick with the airbrush! He also demonstrated tattoo cover, which is so helpful as a bridal artist, as I've been asked to cover tattoos in the past.

After watching his demo, my model and friend Olivia arrived. I prepped her skin, and then Robbie watched and talked me through all the steps to achieving a beautiful bridal look! Some parts were more challenging than others, but it was so awesome to have such a pro watching and helping me along the way. And let me also add that Robbie is one of the sweetest humans I've ever met, and I never felt rushed or inferior to him.

After I completed my hands-on portion, Robbie talked to me about the application, recapped everything we'd spoken about, quizzed me, and made sure he'd answered all of my questions. This gentleman was so professional and such a gem to work with. I am delighted I took this class! It had been years since I'd picked up an airbrush, and Robbie taught me so many things I never knew or had forgotten entirely. This class was worth every penny, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any beauty professionals interested in adding airbrush makeup to their arsenal.

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