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How Can I Prep for a Makeup Trial?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Even though there’s plenty of snow on the ground here in Hudson, Ohio, spring is around the corner, and with that will come bridal makeup trials. I have one scheduled this month for a wedding in March! Before I know it, I will have several every month.

Many brides want to know how they can start prepping their skin before the trial. My best suggestion to you would be to hit up an esthetician at a medispa that you love. Never been to one? You won’t have to swing too far to find a close friend to help you out with a recommendation! Around here, I have gone to Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Brecksville. I may have gotten filler and Botox there, too.

Start getting your skin in tip-top shape months ahead of the trial so it’s already looking its best when you visit your makeup artist. Pick up the skincare that your esthetician recommends, and be sure to use it as they suggest. If you have any adverse reactions to something, you’ll know well ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about troubled skin at your wedding.

If you’re a bride who likes to tan or is planning on being tan, I would make sure your skin color is the depth it will be for the wedding when you show up for your makeup trial. This will help the makeup artist match foundation for you and determine not only the best colors to use, but depth of color, so you will look as pretty as you picture yourself for your big day!

Here’s a big tip – One of the other things I recommend to my brides for their makeup trial is to wear something white (assuming your dress is also white). Having a similar neckline as your dress will also help! Why? When you look in the mirror or take selfies to send to your bridal party after your trial, wearing a similar color and even neckline will not only give you a better visualization of yourself for the wedding day, but the way light hits your face, neck, and chest, and reflects off of your face – all will come into play if you’re wearing the same color as your dress. Think about it – your wedding dress likely isn’t going to be cobalt blue, so why wear that color to your trial? Create your wedding day look as best you can to get the whole picture.

I also recommend wearing your hair in a similar style for your trial. Are you wearing your wedding hair half up and half down? In a bun? Long and flowy? Well, wear your hair similarly for your makeup trial! It doesn’t have to be the exact same style, but this will once again give you a better picture of how your cheeks are going to show off that nice contour, rosy flush, and poppin’ highlight. If you wear your hair down for your trial and then wear a low bun for your wedding, the makeup might not look the same to you as it did for your trial.

bride with makeup trial hair and clothing
Take a look at this bride-to-be. For her makeup trial, she wore a similar color and neckline as her wedding dress, as well as a similar hairstyle. Awesome!

When you’re happy with the look and leave your trial, that’s when you can get to taking the selfies and sending them to your bridal party to gush over! I have had brides who take full advantage of their trial makeup and plan a date night with their fiancé, and some who make sure their fiancé won’t have a chance of seeing their wedding day look. Some have lunch with their bridesmaids – have fun – this is your special time!

What about you? Do you wish you’d have done anything differently for your wedding makeup trial? Did you try any of the tips mentioned above?

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the process because your wedding is supposed to be a special day, and you need to remember to relax and enjoy it!

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